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Surgical Instruments

Precision Surgical Instruments and Services is a Distributor of Top Grade and Mid Grade line of German Surgical Instruments. These are by far the finest available General, Laparoscopic, Ophthalmic, Specialty and Micro Instruments that are available for Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Rehabilitation Centers and Discerning Surgeons and Medical Professionals in the entire world. Our instruments are imported directly from Tuttlingen Germany and are made from the highest grades of surgical steel, have the finest detailed craftsmanship and are manufactured using superior industry standards that can not be matched. These instruments are our best quality Operating Room and Special Procedure Instruments.

German Surgical Instruments

Manufacturing Surgical Instruments has been a part of the Tuttlingen medical device manufacturing industry for over three decades and is known worldwide for the exact standards by which it crafts its Surgical Instruments. Mature experience, sophisticated know-how and extraordinary empathy with customer needs have become the keystones for the German medical device industry. And once customers get to know German Quality they stay for decades and continue to enjoy their reliability, performance and the highest quality at reasonable prices. For this reason alone we carry quality German Medical Instruments.

The basic categories of surgical instruments and tools that we sell include specialized implements for these following functions:

Cutting, Grinding, Clamping, Dissecting, Grasping and holding, Dilating and enlarging, Retracting, Probing, Suctioning.

Not sure whether to choose Standard Quality or German Quality? German instruments are produced in Tuttlingen, Germany, and considered to be the finest instruments in the world. This famous town is home to over 200 surgical equipment companies. The instruments are produced using high quality surgical stainless steel and are hand assembled by highly skilled master craftsmen.

U.S. German Surgical Instruments Distributor

As a Distributor of German Medical Instruments we maintain the relationships with a variety of Manufacturers and have the capability to provide a single instrument or to outfit an entire Surgery Center with hundreds or thousands of Surgical Instruments. We would love the opportunity to provide a competitive price quote on your next surgical instrument order.

Another benefit of using Precision Instruments and Services is that we can repair every single General, Laparoscopic, Ophthalmic, Specialty and Micro Surgical Instrument that we sell. This will insure that you are not just buying quality but maintaining OEM quality with every single instrument.

To purchase Surgical Instruments or to have your Surgical Instruments repaired please contact us via our contact form or call us at 404-941-6601.